The main objective of the project entitles Competences for Innovation and Employability in Automotive Industry VET Training was to raise the competence of the vocational education staff from the Automotive School in Lodz in the field of innovation and employment support in the automotive industry throughout their participation in an educational mobility in Liverpool in January and February 2018.

The organizations participating in the project were: Vocational Automotive High School in Lodz, Poland - (Zespół Szkół Samochodowych w Łodzi) - (in short: ZSS) and a British training company MBM Training & Development Center from Liverpool (in short: MBM T&D).

The project included mainly an educational mobility in Liverpool, implemented simultaneously for 17 staff members - teachers and VET trainers of the ZSS in the formula of a group training. The duration of the mobility carried out under the project covered two working weeks (2 x 5 days) - from 29 January to 9 February 2018, plus two days of travel: 27 January and 10 February. Mobility participants were also involved in the preparation and evaluation of the mobility, as well as the dissemination of project results - which in total took almost a year.

Due to the culturally different nature of the two organizations involved, the project was considered highly interesting by the participants as well as by local stakeholders. It very clearly supported the development of the common educational area in Europe. The fact of combining two different organisations in terms of their legal status, ie. a public vocational school from Poland and a British training company in the field of vocational education, was innovative and offered the staff of both organizations the broadening of professional horizons in a previously unavailable way. The main goal of the project, which is to raise the competences of the vocational training staff in the field of supporting innovation and employability in the automotive industry, was implemented, among others, by developing a market-oriented attitude and innovative teaching methods at school. Various methods of work with mobility participants were used: study visits in order to get to know best British practices, meetings with experts, workshops, presentations, discussions. The project responded to the need to develop creative and innovative practices in vocational education in order to better meet the requirements of the labour market in Poland.

Given that the automotive sector is a rapidly growing industry and requires constant updating of skills and competences, project partners recognized the need to develop the creative approach to vocational training in this area. The development and implementation of innovative vocational training programs that will respond to the changing needs of the automotive industry is the priority for the ZSS.

The Liverpool region is characterized by a well-developed automotive industry with its Halewood factory, where Jaguar X-Type and Land Rover Freelander and Range Rover Evoque were assembled, Good practices for close cooperation between the automotive industry in Liverpool and vocational education institutions and public authorities were be presented during the project as a tool for monitoring and forecasting skills needs and improving the dialogue between education and the labour market.

14-day mobility of 17 employees in Liverpool focused on developing competencies in the area of: innovative education and vocational training programs and more effective provision of career counselling by the VET staff. The project has resulted in new career opportunities for the VET staff involved, and due to that - in a long run, also in increased opportunities of ZSS students learning in the labor market.